CHER Welcomes Our Student Volunteers For Summer 2021!

CHER is excited to welcome our student volunteers for Summer 2021! To learn more about their accomplishments and aspirations for the future please read their brief bio sketch below. 

Richelle Chow

Richelle Chow is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Biology. Upon graduating, she plans on obtaining an MPH, with the possibility of going to medical school to become an emergency medicine physician. Richelle is passionate about advancing the quality and access of care in marginalized communities, particularly in women's health, reproductive and sexual health. In her free time, Richelle likes to sing, stay active at the gym, and travel as a local tourist. 

Sofia Geiger

Sofia Geiger is a fourth-year student at CSULB pursuing a Bachelor of Science in health science with an option in community health education. Sofia has research interests in health disparities among racial minorities and the effects racism on health. Being the daughter of a first-generation Mexican American has inspired Sofia to work in underserved communities to address health disparities. Sofia plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Health or go to nursing school to become a women’s health nurse practitioner. In her free time, Sofia enjoys cooking, reading, yoga, and going on walks.

Myriah Kunipo-Aguirre

Myriah Kunipo-Aguirre is a first-year Master of Public Health student at CSULB. Her interests include the health of indigenous communities, the ACE's Aware initiative, and the biopsychosocial model. Myriah aspires to attend medical school and be a physician with a comprehensive care focus. She believes in the importance of intersectoral collaboration and hopes to work with underserved populations through community medicine. Outside of academics, she enjoys playing volleyball and spending time outdoors in sunny SoCal.