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May 7, 2003 - Orlando, FL

L&SR Literacy and Social Responsibility
Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association
May 7, 2003
Salon 7, Rosen Centre, Orlando

The meeting was called to order by President, Cynthia McDermott on May 7, 2003, following the 2003 L&SR presentation at the Annual Convention of the International Reading Association. Members in attendance included: Kaye West-Anderson, Beth Breneman, John LaCorte, Cynthia McDermott, and Denise Stuart. Handouts were circulated.

1) Web site. K. West-Anderson invited members of the group to identify links that might be appropriate once the L & SR Web site is reestablished. The following links were suggested by members present:

  • Foxfire
  • Child Development Project
  • Educators for Social Responsibility
  • Northeast Foundation for Children (Responsive Classroom)
  • Environmental Education

    A book that is particularly relevant to the work of the L & SR SIG is Teaching Children to Care by Ruth Charney.

The group agreed on the following criteria for identifying material appropriate for the Web site:

  • Fit with the L & SR mission statement
  • Usefulness to educators
  • Avoidance of commercial textbooks or products

Members of the group authorized K.West-Anderson to proceed in developing the Web site, using these guidelines.

2.) Messages to the L & SR SIG Board can be posted via Rebecca Kaminski at krebecca1@aol.com

3.) The group brainstormed ideas and outreach for the Annual Convention in 2004. (Note: IRA’s 2004 convention will be convened in Reno, Nevada, May 2-6—instead of Toronto).

C. McDermott proposed adding the position of Membership Chair to the list of Officers. The proposal was accepted. D.Stuart has someone in mind and will attempt to recruit a person to serve in this capacity.

Other ideas for outreach and membership expansion generated by the group include the following:

  • Seeking help from IRA leaders and local councils in the area of the 2004 convention
  • Working to get the IRA Board to be more supportive of SIGs (difficulty of one name only rule)

It was reported that the names of SIG Chairpersons can appear on the IRA program more than once.

4.) Beth Breneman will work on recruiting a Social Event Planner for 2004. A get-together at lunchtime should be considered as an option for a social event or business meeting.

5.) Other proposals for expanding the Board will be considered in 2004.

The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Beth Breneman, Secretary

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