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The Literacy and Social Responsibility Special Interest Group (ILA LSR SIG) is a nonprofit organization which was chartered by the International Literacy Association (ILA). We present a program annually at the IRA convention, and we publish an electronic journal.

Any member of the International Literacy Association may become an active member of the Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG. For more information, see Getting Involved and our annual minutes.

The ILA LSR SIG is one of approximately 50 special interest groups of ILA, the parent organization, which has nearly a hundred thousand members (including classroom teachers, college instructors, librarians, administrators, parents, authors, publishers, and ALL others interested in literacy). With state councils in every US state and several Canadian provinces, over 1200 local councils, nearly 4 dozen national affiliates, and members in over 100 countries, IRA represents some 300,000 individuals who are working to improve literacy worldwide.

Also see the article Melanie Cohen Goodman wrote about our group, published in Reading Today Online in March 2012 (pdf version).

Each council and each special interest group is autonomous while simultaneously maintaining strong affiliational ties to facilitate networking and collaboration on programs and projects of mutual interest. The ILA has served as the premier educational organization dedicated to improving the quality of literacy instruction through the study of the reading process and teaching techniques. The Association was formed in 1956 when the International Council for the Improvement of Reading Instruction and the National Association for Remedial Teachers merged.

ILA’s long term goals include
• enhancing and improving professional development of literacy educators
• advocating significant literacy issues
• establishing and strengthening alliances and partnerships with others
• creating an informational database in support of IRA’s mission
• identifying, focusing, and providing leadership on emerging globally significant literacy issues

The ILA publishes several journals and many books annually. It also hosts an annual Convention and a biannual World Congress. Additionally, IRA collaborates with various state organizations which host annual state and regional conferences. Most state councils, some SIGs, and some local councils also produce journals or newsletters. Collectively the entire organizational structure provides thousands of opportunities for professional growth and leadership for teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and others who are interested in collectively improving the development of literacy.

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