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May 3, 2006 - Chicago, IL

L&SR Literacy and Social Responsibility
Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association

Palmer House Hilton, Chicago
May 3, 2006

The meeting was called to order by President, Denise Stuart, on May 3, 2006, following the 2006 L&SR presentation at the Annual Convention of the International Reading Association. Members in attendance included: Beth Breneman, Sue Corbin, Patty Dean, Eleanor B. Eskey, Deanna Gilmore, Melanie Goodman, Rebecca Kaminski, Rebekah Kelleher, Cynthia McDermott, Greta Nagel, Susan Speer-Powers, Denise Stuart, and Marsha Thicksten.

Thank yous, congratulations and accolades were extended to the following:

  • Marcia Thicksten and Greta Nagel for the outstanding 2006 program, the best attended in the history of this SIG!
  • Rebecca Kaminiski for creating Edition 2 of the L & SR eJournal—another stellar edition!
  • Susan Speer-Powers for creating our new excellent newsletter!
  • Melanie Goodman for designing our new illustrated membership form!

Board Directory
The Leadership Directory was circulated for up-dating by members present, and Leadership Responsibilities list circulated. Incoming chairpersons need to be informed about the rotational schedule of leaders.

New Binder for Incoming Program Chair
Denise Stuart presented a binder she has created containing history and critical information for the next Program Chair. This binder will be updated with new tips and useful reminders by each new Program Chair and passed on to new Program Chairs in the future.

Program Chairs for 2007, 08, & 09
Tamara McPherson has agreed to serve as Program Chair for 2008-09. Greta and Marsha will handle coordination for 2007, but they cannot chair the presentation. Melanie has agreed to serve as Program Chair in place of Greta Nagel and Marsha Thicksten in 2007 and for one other year to be determined.

Plans for 2007
Denise Stuart will check with IRA to see whether IRA will consider allowing our SIG session to be scheduled Thursday morning next year. Every year the schedule for each SIG is pushed back one day and flipped.

For next year’s program, we should consider strategies for retaining the audience to the end of the program. A theme, such as environmental justice, could be featured. Patty Dean is willing to explore whether Newton Marasco, publisher of environmental books, is willing to be involved.

Eleanor Eskey agreed to serve as Social Event coordinator for Toronto.
Patty Dean will write up a proposal for 2007 featuring Newton Marasco and the Green Earth Book Award. Books could be given away as raffles.

Beth Breneman agreed to update the Leadership Directory and send it to Rebecca Kaminski.

Web Site
Beth Breneman agreed to facilitate communication between Kaye West and Rebecca Kaminski and Patty Dean to clarify such Web site issues as :
• Web site address links between SIG Web site, eJournal, and IRA Web site.
• Patty wishes to access the SIG Web site to develop the Literature of Social Justice strand.

Web Site Guidance from the Board
The Board responded to Kaye West’s request for guidance with the following direction.

  • The most immediate need is to update the Web site and place the upcoming program on the Web site every year as early as possible and the Call for Proposals for successive years on the Web site by January or February preceding the convention
  • The Web site should also provide linkages related to research at
    CASEL, Developmental Studies, and Responsive Classroom.
    Beth Breneman volunteered to communicate this guidance from the Board to Kaye West.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer, Melanie Goodman, reported that our SIG has $250.00 in a non-interest bearing account. She receives statements quarterly. IRA has hired a Director of Development.

The SIG Leadership wishes to acknowledge appreciation and gratitude to Zaner-Bloser Educational Publishers for picking up the costs of our SIG newsletter in 2006. Beth Breneman will send a thank you note in behalf of our SIG.

Possible Award Projects
There was agreement that we will keep thinking how to develop a broader awards project. The Green Earth Book Award is one possibility. IRA lacks a focus on the environment. We might also develop a plan for a broader award. We might honor a teacher, a student, or a curriculum. We will keep working on the idea.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Breneman, Secretary
L & SR Special Interest Group
International Reading Association

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