CHER was awarded a 3-year, $1.1 million High Impact Research Award from the Tobacco-Related Diseases Research Program to develop and test individual and community-level strategies to reduce cannabis and tobacco use among young Black men who are at risk for HIV in Long Beach and surrounding Los Angeles County areas;

CHER was awarded a $1.93 million grant by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) to create the CHER Institute, designed to increase the number of early career faculty members (emphasis on faculty from Minority-Serving Institutions) who are better prepared to become NIH principal investigators in the field of community-based health equity research;

CHER was awarded a 5-year $5 million grant from the National Institute on Minority Health Disparities (Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions - RIMI) to build infrastructure at CSULB through mentoring faculty and students in health disparities research.

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BHCLB 10-Year Celebration for the Community

Houghton Park, Long Beach CA

The Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach 10-year celebration for the community was held on 8/14/21 from 12-3 pm at Houghton Park.


PPOWER2 Brown Bag Zoom Research Talk

The CHER PPOWER Project Team presented findings from the first PPOWER Project on the roles marijuana and other substances play in increasing sexual risk behaviors among a sexually diverse sample of young Black men.

CHER Webinar Series: Navigating the NIH Extramural System: Does Race Matter?

Title: Navigating the NIH Extramural System: Does Race Matter?

·       Increased knowledge about personal, professional and grantsmanship issues to successfully navigate the NIH extramural system;

·       Increased knowledge about issues of racial bias as a historical barrier within the NIH system;

·       Recommendations for early career faculty to consider when preparing to submit applications seeking NIH funding.