The Cambodian Family Community Center (TCFCC)

Funded by the Office of Minority Health Partnerships Active in Communities to Achieve Health Equity (PAC) Program – Healthy Changes Partnership, The Cambodian Family is a grassroots, community-based organization, located close to the Cambodian and Latino neighborhoods of Santa Ana, Orange County, California. 

The program is designed to provide services to Cambodian and Latino families in Santa Ana, in the health areas of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  CHER assists The Cambodian Family in evaluating the program and designing and conducting a community needs assessment, which highlighted cultural, environmental, and social health determinants, community assets, challenges, threats, opportunities, and gaps in existing health and social support services. 

The community needs assessment assisted The Cambodian Family in highlighting disparities in health and policy-making forums, enhancing health programs, building community collaborations, and understanding residents’ and providers’ willingness and ability to make changes to improve the health of these communities.