PPOWER 2 Tobacco-Cannabis Intervention for YBM

What is PPOWER2?

The Peer Promotion of Wellness and Enhanced Linkage to Resources (PPOWER2) project supports young Black men (YBM) to reach their health goals. PPOWER2 promotes health by sharing resources and the stories of young men and their experiences with tobacco and marijuana. The goal of the PPOWER2 project is to develop and test a peer-led, tobacco/nicotine and cannabis intervention tailored to Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men  in Long Beach, California.

Why we support YBM

Despite overall U.S. tobacco-related cancer declines during the 2004–2013 period, tobacco-related cancer incidence and death rates remained highest among black men. In California, African Americans have the highest mortality rate for lung cancer when compared to other ethnicities. Nationwide, African American men experience higher smoking-attributable mortality compared to white males. When assessed through a health equity lens, these statistics represent severe public health and social justice failures given the preventable nature of tobacco-related diseases.  Hence, preventing and reducing tobacco and cannabis use among young black men should be a public health priority.

How we support YBM

PPOWER2 aims to examine the effectiveness of a peer-led approach for reducing tobacco/nicotine and cannabis use among YBM.  Using a peer-based approach, we share the real stories of YBM and their experiences with protecting their health to help motivate other YBM to make healthy choices. Our Health Educators provide and connect YBM to local providers who can help YBM reach their goals. Our project also aims to create space in the Greater Long Beach area where YBM can express themselves and build community.

Our Community Partners

In order to support YBM we collaborate with amazing organizations that have a shared interest in working with YBM and sexually diverse peoples.


Our Research

Our center understands the historical context of research conducted on and with the Black community. We take measures to ensure that the community informs the research we conduct, and we desire to include the community within each phase of our research. We conduct our research with the hope of reducing health disparities experienced by YBM, and ensure that our work is focused on potential solutions that reach beyond individual behavior change.

Support for PPOWER2

The PPOWER2 project is funded by the University of California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program.