Frequently Asked Questions

Submitted by cherAdmin on Mon, 11/14/2022 - 14:52
  • What is the format of the CHER Institute?
    Answer: The CHER Institute is held virtually, through Zoom meetings. Some of the meetings are the full group other meetings are small groups or one on one with a mentor. 
  • What if I am not tenure track or tenured faculty?
    Answer: Only tenure track or tenured faculty may apply
  • Do I need to attend all 6 days of the CHER Institute?
    Answer: Yes, full participation is required to enroll in the institute.
  • I am not currently at an MSI may I apply?
    Answer: Yes. Although priority is given to faculty from MSIs, those not in MSIs may also apply.
  • Who receives priority in being accepted into these programs?
    Answer: The priority is given to those who are from MSIs and who show potential for working to reduce health disparities in underserved populations.
  •  How is this program cited in my CV?
    Answer: Some fellows put the CHER Institute under research trainings, others put it under awards as it is a competitive process to be accepted to the CHER Institute.
  • Is there an extension on the 10 years since terminal degree due to COVID?
    Answer: No--our program is for Early-Stage Investigators as defined by our funder the NIH. Their defintion: "An Early-Stage Investigator (ESI) is a New Investigator who has completed his/her terminal research degree or medical residency (or the equivalent and whichever date is later) within the past 10 years and has not yet ben awarded a substantial, competing NIH grant." 
  • What if my citizenship or permanent residency is pending? Can I apply to the CHER Institue?
    Answer: No, US citizenship or permanent resident status in the United States is required by the NIH for this R25 funding mechanism at the time of application. If you gain citizenship or permanent resident status you may apply for the next cohort. 
  • Do I receive a certificate of completion?
    Answer: Yes. Certificates of completion are mailed to fellows after all deliverables including evaluation survey are completed.