California State University, Long Beach


What’s In Your Water?

Looking to discover the causes of environmental pollution

HIV: Breaking the Stigma

Professor finds ways to get reluctant young Black males tested

Blade Runners

Autonomous robot designed to clean and repair wind turbines


Subtle Tones of Racism

Micro-aggressive behavior can negatively affect people of color

Hands working with samples

Breaking Down Research Barriers

MARC U*STAR program helps students train for biomedical science careers

Performance Art with Women in Chairs

Finding Their Voices Through Art

Exploring the role of India’s women in contemporary dance and theater

Students at competition

Students Shine at Research Competition

Nine students present their research findings

President Jane Coloney

Message from the President

Research, scholarly and creative activity, is integral to a vibrant university environment.


Funding Summary

FY 2018



A Prized Catch

Funding from the state will help Shark Lab thrive

Plugging Into Real Life

How do connected appliances (i.e. smart phones) change the human experience?

Quark-y Research

Dr. Prashanth Jaikumar studies quarks, the particles that form protons and neutrons

Illustration of Dark Web

Trusting the Criminal Justice System

Dr. Aili Malm analyzes how criminal networks develop on Dark Web

Taking Words Into Account

Accounting isn’t always about numbers

Book Cover Art

Shaping Faculty Careers

Book outlines challenges and offers insights to gaining tenure to budding teachers