California State University, Long Beach


A sea urchin on top of a beaker filled with water.

Provost’s Message

Quest is one way in which CSULB celebrates and shares our joint achievements in research.

A computer screen showing a hand in three dimensional space.

Personalized Medicine

Four researchers are attempting to change the way we experience everything from medical diagnoses, physical therapy, flying while disabled, and more.

Students walking on campus.

President’s Message

Excellent education combines research and teaching in seamless ways.

A researcher looks at a cell through an electron microscope.

Radical Treatment

Radiation offers dramatic impacts, both positive and negative, on human and environmental health.

alt="Professor Locks mentoring students on "me-search.""

The Power Of Me-Search

For Dr. Angela M. Locks, understanding how to successfully promote higher education is not just about theory and research.

A semi trailer truck drives across the port in front of a ship.

Changing Lanes

The Center for International Trade and Transportation is attempting to change the transportation industry’s status quo.

Huge flames from burning plants.

Engineering the Earth

The African savannah encounters more wildfires than any other region in the world.

alt="A NASA pilot looks up at a passing aircraft from the sand"

Cold War In California

When one thinks of the Cold War, sunny Southern California normally doesn’t come to mind.

alt="A volunteer demonstrates EEG process in the neuroscience lab."

Mental Awareness

The CSULB Neuroscience Lab currently explores how traumatic brain injuries impact problem solving, attention and memory.

An illustrated character holding a piece of candy.

In Theaters Near You

Product placement has become big business for advertisers and movie producers.

3D printed dog toys in front of a 3D printer.

Hacking the Code

The School of Art’s Brittany Ransom’s work explores the relationship humans have with technology.

alt=A creative illustration envisioning the evolving classroom. "

The Evolving Classroom

As new curriculum standards are introduced, teachers are finding innovative ways to incorporate those standards into the classroom.