California State University, Long Beach
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Cultivating Healthier Communities

Community-based research into genetic markers for stress focuses on stress-mitigation techniques for families.

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Fundamental Phenomena

Students gain important experience at the cutting edge of two-dimensional matter.

Infographic showing 3 characters looking at a picture. Text saying Dr. Padro expresses that the exhibition will help people understand how art works with technology developments, records cultures, and helps us understand and examine the things that are taking place in our culture now.

Artistic Inquiry

An exhibition on the intersection of science and art reveals connections with the past and the future.

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Consuming Questions

Studying physiological responses in rats sheds light on complex human behaviors.

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Identity in Focus

Future teachers learn culturally responsive practices and develop deeply rooted professional identities.

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Answering the Call

Dr. Barreras continues her journey as a mentee, a researcher, and a community partner.



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Message From the President

Welcome to the fall 2023 issue of Quest.

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Delineating a Diaspora

Dr. Sophea Seng specializes in transnational migration and diasporic studies with an emphasis on Cambodian American refugees.

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Supporting STEM and Graduate Studies

The focus of Dr. Babette Benken’s work is on facilitating access and success for students in STEM and higher education.

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Optimizing Energy

Dr. Yu Yang has collaborated with faculty across campus to contribute to California’s fight against climate change.

Expanding the Narrative

Dr. Josh Palkki strives to make the lives of PreK-12 music students from historically marginalized communities better.

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Combating the Consumption of Rhino Horn

Dr. Hieu Nguyen recently investigated health-related rhino horn consumption in Vietnam.

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Innovating Restorative Justice

Dr. Mimi Kim’s experience in innovative alternative justice interventions and applied research is filling an evidentiary gap.

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Prioritizing Connectedness

Dr. Tom O’Brien’s work elevates CSULB’s profile as a leading education, training, and research resource for the freight and logistics industry.


Funding Summary

The Office of Research & Economic Development assumes a pivotal role in cultivating faculty-student research partnerships.