President Jane Close Conoley

President’s Message

The world is changing at a rapid pace, with new kinds of work and new ways of doing that work. That’s why, at Long Beach State, we encourage our students to cultivate a broad, inclusive, inventive spirit. To imagine—then create—the future they want to inhabit.

In this issue of Beach magazine you will meet visionaries who have already altered our ways of seeing and being in the world. Designer Phillip Lim, whose clothes are worn by top celebrities, C. Finley, who engaged the Greater Los Angeles art community by starting GLAMFA on campus, and staff emeritus Barbara Sinclair who dedicates her time to saving bees.

As we begin a two-year process to envision a 2030 destination for our university, I’m inspired by what Beach students, faculty, staff and alumni are already doing to shape our future.

Go Beach!

Jane Close Conoley

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