Imagine Beach 2030

What will Long Beach State look like in the year 2030? Will classes be taught remotely? How will virtual reality enhance learning? Will artificial intelligence play a bigger role in how professors interact with students?

While 2030 seems far away, the future is now and you have a chance to help shape the world by participating in Imagine:Beach 2030.

BEACH 2030 is a community-wide initiative designed to map today’s changing world and convert potential barriers into opportunities for the university, its constituents and surrounding area. Students, professors, alumni and members of the community are invited to participate in a 48-hour online conversation Nov. 14-15 intended to spur ideas and identify the pathways for the future of Long Beach State.

By participating, you could chat with others about how autonomous vehicles could impact the campus and commutes. Will parking still be an issue?

How will artificial intelligence change they way research is done, and could AI somehow come up with a solution for students in need? The online interaction event is designed to stimulate ideas, identify possibilities, set goals and give us a glimpse into the future.

Once we can imagine a specific future scenario, we can better achieve in making Long Beach State a more viable university in the coming decade and beyond. Get involved in your future by engaging others in imaging our world.

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