Employee of the Month - August 2019

Kristin Gazdik - Academic Advising Center, CHHS

Kristin is an Academic Advisor (SSP II) in the College of Health and Human Services Academic Advising Center.

She is described as “the epitome of support for student success and wants to make sure that everything our office does is in the best interest of the students.”

She has shown dedication to her job and has created “amazing” relationships with students. Many students specifically request to meet with her. Recently, students have shown their appreciation by bringing a dozen donuts to the office or giving her a Robek's gift card as a thank you.

Kristin also takes the initiative on projects and programs in the Academic Advising Center, and always keeps the students in mind when working on these projects.

A colleague also noted that Kristin also has a great relationship with faculty and departments for the majors she advises.

Kristin additionally “motivates people to be the best version of themselves, and encourages everyone to maintain their mental and physical health because she knows how important those are.”