Employee of the Month - June 2023

Marcella Alvear, Procurement Services
Buyer III

Awarded Monday, June 26, 2023, via Zoom Virtual celebration. Marcella was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, Financial Management Associate Vice President Milton Ordoñez, Procurement Director Michael Pruitt, and numerous Financial Management and campus colleagues.

Marcella has served as a dedicated Cal State Long Beach employee for nearly fifteen years, currently serving as a Buyer III in Procurement Services. In recent years, several of Marcella’s colleagues have recognized her for her outstanding professionalism, excellent communication skills, and ability to problem-solve.

Sheri Hale, the Psychology Department Specialist, expressed her gratitude for Marcella, saying, “I wanted to sing the praises of Marcella Alvear, who repeatedly proves to be a stellar Buyer III in the Purchasing Office. Whenever I needed guidance on making a purchase or information on a specific protocol from the Purchasing Office, you have always been there to help. Regardless of the situation, you always responded with a positive email and an answer to my dilemmas. Marcella, you are a prime example of a genuine team member. I have only witnessed you going above and beyond to address my needs. You always communicate transparently, find solutions, and provide support in any way possible. I find it amazing that you are always so encouraging and patient, and your process of explaining details to me has always been successful. It is wonderful working with you. Your knowledge, dedication, and professionalism never cease to amaze me. Thank you, Marcella Alvear, for your continued efforts and endless patience in your position.”

Korin Coombs, the Information Technology Services Fiscal and Personnel Analyst, shared, “Anytime I have a question or concern regarding any area of financial management (not just procurement), Marcella always makes herself available to help me. If it's something that she doesn't know right then and there, which is not very often, she always follows up in a timely manner. She is truly one of a kind, and provides a level of service that should be the model for training/responses on processes and procedures throughout the campus. She definitely knows her stuff!”

Liz Flores, the Chemical Engineering Department Coordinator, expressed, “Marcella is one of the few people that I know that has shown professionalism even when obstacles come up. She is very knowledgeable in her area. She completes all her administrative duties in a very professional and timely manner and even goes above and beyond to help out to anyone in need. Marcella is one of a kind and she is the Best of the Beach!!!”

In her free time, Marcella enjoys many hobbies including photography, music, swimming, and bike riding. On the weekends, she likes to spend quality time with her friends and family. She loves to explore the world with her twin sister, her nephew Matthew, and her two-year-old Tibetan Terrier, Ozzy.