Employee of the Month - June 2022

John Nguyen - Administrative Support Coordinator, Dean of Students

Awarded Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 via Zoom Virtual celebration. John was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, Vice President Beth Lesen, and numerous Division of Student Affairs and campus colleagues.

John Nguyen is a dedicated CSULB employee of almost 16 years who serves as an Administrative Support Coordinator in the Dean of Students Office. In his role, John provides support to multiple offices, including the Dean of Students Office, Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation for Students (CARES), and Student Life and Development. John received multiple nominations for this award, all of which proclaim his kindness, positivity, professionalism, and team-oriented nature.

Dr. Piya Bose, the Dean of Students, shared, “John is consistently helpful, kind, and professional with students. He remembers small details about them, so when they return, he can ask them about their favorite restaurant or sports team. Students regularly comment that John's interactions make them feel seen (they are so impressed he remembers their interests) and that he helps reduce their anxiety when they reach out for assistance with managing challenges.”

Dr. Bose also shared that the Dean of Students Office has received a wide range of responses to the many changes in COVID-19 policies and student access over the past two years. She shared, “John has managed to maintain his composure during these interactions, he continues to provide support in a calm manner, and he knows when to ask for help.”

Jolene Sagan, a Case Manager at Student Health Services, shared a similar sentiment for John’s level-headedness in difficult situations. “John is knowledgeable, helpful, and steady. He is truly a subtle force to be reckoned with. During the last several months, he has taken on heightened responsibilities facilitating support for students with COVID-related concerns. This role, in addition to his role with areas such as CARES, often involves working with challenging individuals and heightened responses. Even during these periods, John has an amazing ability to remain calm and steady. John’s longevity and expertise at CSULB is also extremely helpful to those he helps and supports, from students to staff and faculty. John is truly a great colleague!”

Dawn Meadows, the Dean of Students and CARES Team Case Manager, also sang John’s praises, saying, “I have had the pleasure of working with John for the past 5 months. John is valued and appreciated by any staff or student he works with. He is an essential part of the DSA team, handles complex situations with ease and never once complains. John has a professional and calm work ethic that really makes a difference for all those he works with. He works hard and is very knowledgeable about CSULB policies, values and priorities. So grateful to work with him!”

Colleagues noted that John is “passionate about working at CSULB and serving our students” and has “so much school pride and spirit – his energy is contagious!”

He is a proud CSULB alumnus and is working towards achieving his MBA here at The Beach. In his spare time, John enjoys traveling, photography, and playing guitar. He also enjoys attending local music concerts in addition to sporting events such as Angels and Ducks games.