Employee of the Month - April 2024

Xenia Orozco, Human Resources Specialist
Staff Human Resources

Awarded Thursday, April 18, 2024, via Zoom Virtual celebration. Xenia was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, Interim Associate Vice President of Human Resources Management Marita Swanson, Director of Staff Human Resources Neil Iacono, Associate Director of Employee Relations and Leave of Absence Programs Roxanna Roa, and numerous Human Resources Management and campus colleagues.

Xenia Orozco is an outstanding CSULB staff member of two years, currently working as a Human Resources Specialist in Staff Human Resources. Xenia’s supervisor, Roxanna Roa, the Associate Director of Employee Relations and Leave of Absence Programs and Xenia’s supervisor, shared the various ways that Xenia has excelled in her role here at The Beach. She expressed, “Xenia is not only a great employee who gets the job done, but she is also a wonderful co-worker who truly cares about her peers and has great relationships with them.

“In the last couple months, I have seen how Xenia does not hesitate to jump in and help wherever she is needed. As our department was facing some shortage in staffing, Xenia played a key role in assisting several areas such as the Classification and Compensation team while continuing to support her regular duties and learning a new role in Employee Relations. In addition, she is willing to participate in committees such as the committee planning our holiday party.

“I have also seen how her relationship with our student assistants has grown. She does not only serve as their primary point of contact, but she also genuinely looks out for them. My favorite story was how she advocated for one of our students who lost their laptop at the beginning of the year after the holidays. After learning that the student had taken his laptop to get repaired at a big chain location and that the location had disposed of his laptop without his consent, she really encouraged him not to stay quiet and to advocate for himself to get his laptop back or a replacement. Knowing that he needed a laptop for school, Xenia knew exactly who would be able to help which ultimately resulted in the student getting a new laptop. Overall, Xenia is a great example of what we consider BEST OF THE BEACH. I am so honored to be able to work with her and have her as part of my team.”

Xenia shared her experience at CSULB, saying, “I am very grateful for the opportunities and guidance CSULB has provided me over the years. I attended CSULB, where I received my bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I was a student, there was a point in time, like most students, where I was feeling directionless with my future. I decided to visit our Career Development Center, and received helpful guidance that directed me towards a business major.

“Graduating during 2020 was especially hard since our extra time off turned into us never coming back. I felt like I was not able to properly say goodbye or celebrate my hard work and accomplishments. When I was hired at CSULB, it felt like I had come full circle--back to a place I had missed, somewhere comfortable and familiar. I am thankful for the people I work with, as they have created an environment where I feel encouraged to learn and grow every day.”

In her free time, she enjoys listening to K-POP and attending concerts, her favorite band is BTS. She also likes to collect bright, colorful water cups; you will always see one with her at her desk.