Employee of the Month - October 2019

Rafaela Coral - Lead Custodian, Housing & Residential Life

Rafaela is a Lead Custodian in the Department of Housing and Residential Life who goes above and beyond to assist her staff, and serves as a highly valuable source of information in improving department practices, to better serve our students. She has recently taken extra time to focus her attention on department staff, in an effort to help overcome challenges in a caring and conscientious way, which truly exemplifies the values of our Beach family.

“Rafaela serves as a role model by positively influencing others within the department. She also demonstrates a strong willingness to help without fanfare, builds positive bridges for individuals to come together, leads with a culture of respect and compassion, and fosters collaboration among colleagues and members of the campus community.”

Rafaela “makes it a point to make sure all the residential students know who she is and that they can come to her if they need anything.”

Rafaela is “a strong leader for her team, dealing with all the ups and downs and still being positive.”