Employee of the Month - October 2023

Paul Fitzpatrick, Facilities Operations
Lead Painter

Awarded Tuesday, October 26, 2023, via Zoom Virtual celebration. Paul was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, Associate Vice Provost of Beach Building Services Mark Zakhour, Director of Facilities Management Joshua Cichuniec, numerous Beach Building Services and campus colleagues, Paul’s wife, Kristi, and daughter, Frances.

Paul Fitzpatrick is a remarkable Beach employee, serving as the Lead Painter in Beach Building Services for the past five years. Prior to joining CSULB, he worked as a painting contractor for 25 years.

Paul's colleagues have expressed countless praises for both him and his exceptional contributions. Colleen Ryan, the Senior Academic Affairs Facilities Specialist in the Academic Resources and Strategic Planning department, shared, “One of my constituent groups was looking for a branded accent wall, similar to the new courtyard graphic walls installed at Brotman Hall. This wall will be a highlight in the new Graduate Studies meeting and project room in the Library. After going through the process of obtaining an estimate for vinyl graphics and 3-D LB logo, we realized that the cost was too high for our budget. Dina Perrone, Associate Dean of Grad Studies, reached out to see if our Paint Shop would be able to complete something aesthetically similar, using paint. Paul Fitzpatrick met with Dina to review the design and agreed to have his shop complete the project. This scope was outside of normal project work for our BBS paint shop, and included artistry, project management, and design application far beyond the routine accent wall.

“I commend Paul not only for extending his creativity and willingness beyond what is typically required- but also for leadership of his excellent crew. The project was completed for a third of what the original graphics estimate was- and Grad Studies now has a beautifully branded wall that will be highlighted in meetings and insta moments well into the future! Thanks so much to Paul and his team for going well beyond in service to The Beach!”

Michael Harris, a Facilities Project Services (FPS) Painter in Facilities Management, conveyed his admiration, saying “Everyday, Paul procures all the materials and information needed to succeed in allowing the painters to make CSULB beautiful. And, all of that is done with the most positive and supportive professional attitude possible.”

During the virtual ceremony, colleagues described Paul “crushing it” and “spreading good vibes” within the department and across campus.

Paul is continually appreciative of CSULB and his colleagues, saying, “I could not be happier with the support from the university and the trades we work with every day. It is a pleasure to work with such a group of talented tradesmen that keep the campus up and running and looking great for our students and staff. Mark Zakhour and Josh Cichuniec have put their trust in me and I appreciate it.”

Outside of work, Paul enjoys volunteering in the community as well as fishing, surfing, and travelling with his family and friends.