Employee of the Month - July 2019

Lindsey Sarver - Student Center for Professional Development, COB

Lindsey’s hard work and professionalism has made an enormous contribution to the success of the College of Business Student Center for Professional Development and its ability to serve an ever-increasing number of students. The Center serves hundreds of students in four professional development programs, as well as hundreds of their mentors in the Center’s mentoring programs.

Lindsey is a true team player who contributes in many ways to the professional development of College of Business students.Working with employers, she develops new internship opportunities by researching jobs boards and sites like Linked In to identify and publicize new internship opportunities.

Her advising work is very professional and the students relate well to her and accept her advice. She has also worked closely with IS-301 (Business Communication) faculty to streamline the process of resume and cover letter advising.

Even though supporting the Student Center for Professional Development is a small part of her job description, she contributes to the Center’s mission without asking and without hesitation.

Lindsey makes presentations in classrooms recruiting students to become members of the Center and encouraging them to seek out internships. She works all of the Center’s events, volunteering her time and energy. She works the Center’s annual Leadership Retreat, which she is not required to do, and this year she will be taking on a larger coordinator role in the absence of the Program Coordinator.