Employee of the Month - May 2021

Michael Sullivan, Digital Media Producer
Strategic Communications

Awarded Tuesday, May 4, 2021 via Zoom Virtual celebration. Michael was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, Strategic Communications and other campus colleagues, and his son.

Michael Sullivan is CSULB’s Digital Media Producer in the Strategic Communications department. Jeff Bliss, Executive Director of Leadership Communications, described Michael, “As the university's videographer, he is often called upon to capture and memorialize key moments in CSULB's history -- and he only get one opportunity to do so. Thankfully, his skills and experience have allowed him to videotape people, events and places that will continue to give us - as well as people looking at our campus in the future - a window into the world that is The Beach."

Michael impresses his colleagues by always “going the extra mile, often under challenging circumstances.” Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael stepped up when his department developed new communications for the university. His hard work, creativity, and collegiality made these new communications a success. He also led his team through several Microsoft Teams trainings and shaped the team’s workflow to become well-organized in a virtual environment.

Angela Ratzlaff, Strategic Communications’ Writer and Communications Specialist, shared, “Michael is not only a talented and prolific video producer, but he always has great insight on projects from our team.” He elevates project ideas so that they stay true to his colleagues’ original goals while incorporating CSULB’s diverse and impactful themes.

Bliss noted, “Not only is ‘Sully’ a technical wiz at his craft…but he is also a joy to work with. He’s enthusiastic, thoughtful, encourages feedback, and he’s a great teammate. While those in Strategic Communications and URD admire his work, he is respected campus-wide for his efforts on behalf of everyone at The Beach.”

Jorge Hurtado, Director of Design & Digital Development, added, “Michael is a unique employee, we are proud and lucky to have him in our team, he is one of those employees who make the beach a truly special workplace. His work, his initiative, his knowledge on a wide range of subjects, his flexibility and his warm, positive attitude help our team thrive.”