Employee of the Month - January - 2022

Awarded Thursday, January 13th, 2022 via Zoom Virtual celebration. Makisha was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, College of Education Dean Shireen Pavri, Associate Dean Laura Portnoi, numerous College of Education and campus colleagues, friends, and family members

Makisha Glover-Hill - College of Education, Center for Evaluation & Educational Effectiveness (CEEE) Operations Analyst

As a CSULB staff member for over five years, Makisha Glover-Hill is an instrumental member of the College of Education (CED) and CSULB community. Her leadership in the Operations sector of the Center for Evaluation & Educational Effectiveness (CEEE) spans fiscal and budget matters, personnel oversight of staff and students, liaison between campus and auxiliary areas, as well as operational support and resources for internal and external clients.

Makisha shared that from the start of her time at CSULB, she has been intentional in participating as an active member in multiple campus activities and service organizations. She stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the negative effects that systemic racism has placed on society, particularly in tragedies carried out against those in the African-American community.” Makisha credits receiving as much support as she provides through service in affinity organizations such as the Black Faculty & Staff Association, Sistahs On Campus, and the Hesabu Circle. She has also served on CED Staff Council and University Staff Council as well as numerous committees and councils across campus. Makisha recognizes that each organization has different goals and priorities but what remains central to all is the well-being of students and the facilitation of their holistic success which remains her motivation.

LaKeysha Carter, a colleague from the University Center for Undergraduate Advising, praised Makisha, “She has a commitment to service which is clear in her participation in voluntary and voted positions of service. She is a voice for those who may not always feel like they have the strength or power to speak for themselves. She is dedicated and has a true passion for helping our students to thrive and achieve their goals.”

Mathematics and Statistics faculty member Kagba Suaray shared, “Makisha shines brightest as an absolutely indispensable member of the Black community here at CSULB. She serves on the Membership and Outreach committee of the Black Faculty and Staff Association and has played a big role in recruiting new members and helping them feel at home in the group. This sense of belonging has been so critical in light of the ongoing challenges to African Americans, which have been highlighted over the past couple of years. In this way and many others, Makisha goes above and beyond to provide support to our community.

“If there is any event around uplifting and supporting Black people, there's a good chance she will be front and center, cheering on other staff, faculty or students…This past summer, Makisha served as a mentor for K-12 and college students for the Hesabu Circle Math-Is-Me program female mentoring component. As director of the summer program, I was blown away week after week at the powerful discussions and growth in identity that occurred. I know these would not have been possible without Makisha facilitating. Makisha is an excellent employee and leverages her position on campus to volunteer and be a blessing to the community.”

Makisha noted that faith in God is her stabilizer and remains at the center of her life purpose. She loves to read, spend time with her family, and enjoys helping others remember their unique value and worth.