Employee of the Month - September 2019

Evelyn Klaus - Division of Student Affairs, Basic Needs

Evelyn is a Basic Needs Coordinator in the Division of Student Affairs who has gone above and beyond to ensure the success of the "Feed A Need" campaign and the Basic Needs Program.

Evelyn single-handedly organized Feed A Need, a program dedicated to providing meal support for students in need, from the marketing materials to setting up the dining areas and also recruiting volunteers.

She recruited three additional student staff and organized their schedules to compliment the program needs.

While also facilitating Feed A Need and other programs, Evelyn regularly meets with students in crisis, actively responds to emails, and continues to do the fiscal parts of her role.

“Even with all that she manages and coordinates on campus, Evelyn is always available, helpful and without a doubt - goes above and beyond to make student success possible.”

Evelyn “is a person who is working hard behind the scenes making a difference in the lives of students.”