Employee of the Month - August 2022

Edward Sims - Telecommunications Technician, Division of IT, Network and Telecommunications

Awarded Wednesday, August 24, 2022 via Zoom Virtual celebration. Ed was joined by President Jane Close Conoley, Vice President/Chief Information Officer of Division of IT (DoIT) Min Yao, Associate Vice President of Information Technology Services (ITS) Janet Foster, Director of Network and Telecommunications Craig Kleen, numerous DoIT and campus colleagues, and his family.

Ed Sims has worked as a Telecommunications Technician in the Division of IT (DoIT) for almost 9 years and has proven to be an outstanding employee. He is committed to quality customer service, performing numerous campus phone moves, adds, and changes and supporting phone and data network cabling needed for campus renovations and construction.

Recently, Ed was responsible for all the phone moves for the Payroll and Controller’s Offices as well as the department and Faculty Affairs offices in Brotman Hall, which he accomplished under budget and before deadline. He also oversees cabling contractors to ensure materials, access, and inspections are on track to meet project deadlines.

Ed has received unsolicited praise from campus customers for his good work. His exceptional work ethic and can-do attitude makes him a tremendous asset to DoIT and the campus.

Betty Fujikawa from the University Controller’s Office noted: “The Controller’s Office recently had a big project of consolidating two departments. This involved moving 29 employees, half of them from one suite on the 2nd floor to another suite on the 3rd floor of the Foundation Building…Through this whole process I was so impressed with Ed...we all so appreciated Ed’s excellent service, his attention to detail and great communication skills!”

Shirley Quan, Technology Help Desk Supervisor in ITS, shared an experience where her group needed to quickly move out all computers and equipment from one building to another, and needed cable cutters. She ran into Ed in the office and asked if he happened to have cable cutters. He did, but he didn't just give her the tool she requested. He met her at the Horn Center, got under the counters, took the time cut the cables, and helped her team load the computers onto carts. “…it was just a 'feeling' of kindness and camaraderie… I find myself telling this story often to colleagues in the office because, to me, Ed Sims is an unsung hero. He's a one-in-a-million that makes positive, lasting impacts without even being aware!”

In his free time, Ed enjoys spending time with his four adult children and three pet Labradors. Pre-pandemic, he also played lead guitar for various bands.